VSS X Pro 8 NVR system

VSS X Pro 8 NVR system

Vipre Latest NVR 8 channel with all the bell and whistles with
embedded Linux system. The operation users multi level security
password management. The VSS new encoding with dual stream
makes it easy to play back. Now with 44 Protocol its able to
connect to 44 different camera manufactures. Our Flat panel system
looks like a alarm panel not a black box . Re-Manufactured in
Australia as a new concept.
Use latest compression H265 H265M and H265Z . System can
now report notifications. Easy playback, uses time line to find
video footage via the app. The VSS Universal switch makes adding
different cameras easy.VSS allows our multiplexer interface to add
2 camera on a single Cat 5 cable for easy installation.

Key Features :

  • 44 Protocols Onvif 2.61
  • H264, H265 H,M,Z, Formats
  • VSS Supports 2Mp to 8Mp cameras Plus speed domes
  • 64MHz Bandwidth
  • VSS Universal switch with 2 unlink and 8 POE Ports
  • KVM Panel to monitor 60m with remote mouse control
  • Multi Level Security
  • VSS Fast App streaming with play back time line
  • VSS Push and pull Notification
  • VSS Supports 1Tb to 10TB Hard drive
  • Free DDNS standard
  • Fast P2P video connection supports 9 mobile smart phones
  • VSS App adds multiple sites
  • Google Drive support
  • Supports 8 cameras
  • QR Code

The Illustration show on your RHS standard NVR on the LHs VSS X 8 CCTV NVR panel.

Available Accessories for the VSS

VSS X8 System available from $1990.00

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