Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions

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  • This quote is valid for thirty (14) days from the date of issue.
  • All projects where the Total Values is greater than $2000.00 including GST, the following will apply:
    • Upon Acceptance of this quotation, a 30% deposit will be required to be paid upon invoice.
    • The Balance of the project is required to be paid upon Practical Completion.
    • This quote has been calculated during a Volatile time of currency fluctuation and is subject to change.
  • Our Quote is based upon all Installation and commissioning work being carried out during normal business hours 8:30AM to 4 PM Monday to Friday only – Excluding public Holidays. All Work outside these hours will attract additional charges.
  • Operating Leases are available to business customers if approved after successful application.
  • We reserve the right to withhold warranty service on systems with accounts outstanding for more than thirty (30) days.
  • We reserve the right to remove &/or disable security systems that have accounts outstanding for more than (45) days.
  • We reserve the right to use subcontractors to fulfill any part of the works identified by this  quotation where our own staff is not available or not suitably qualified.
  • Title on goods supplied does not transfer until full payment has been made.
  • Credit card payments will attract a 1.9% surcharge.


  • All works (parts & labor) are covered by a (1) year warranty.
  • No warranty will be applied by us to any existing Security Equipment.
  • We reserve the right to withhold warranty service on systems with accounts outstanding for more than thirty (14) days.
  • All warranty work strictly 8.30AM to 4PM, Monday to Friday excluding public holidays..
  • The following items are excluded from the warranty:
  • Back up battery.
  • User error.
  • Damage resulting from vandalism.
  • Damage resulting from accidental damage.
  • Damage resulting from voltage surges.
  • Damage resulting from animal or insect infestation.
  • Water damage.
  • Corrosion damage.
  • Any work carried out on the security system by persons from any other company will result in the voiding of the warranty.

Installation and Exclusions

  • All programming changes and system maintenance after system completion will be charged at the standard technical Service rates.
  • Where the Client issues a date when the project has to be completed. If we are able to complete on or before this date but the Client is not on schedule then the Client is obliged to take responsibility for the equipment purchased for the job and is expected to be prepared to pay for this equipment.
  • If the Client requires additional work to be performed that is a variance on the original quotation, these variations will be covered by an official order issued by the Client
  • We exclude Back to Base Monitoring Costs unless otherwise stated in our quotation
  • We excluded all costs relating to Repainting/painting of any finished surface or conduit/duct.
  • We excluded all costs relating to Repair and Make Good.
  • We exclude all works unless specified under the scope of works documented.
  • We exclude power points unless specified.
  • We exclude local council or other permit or infringements if onsite parking is not supplied.
  • We exclude additional parking tolls and road tolls unless otherwise indicated.
  • We exclude the Loss or damage to installation equipment and tools whilst at your facility, used for the purpose of installation. We may recover appropriate costs of lost equipment from the Client.
  • We exclude all Traffic Control or Pedestrian Management in all locations where our works will occur.
  • We exclude all Local Council Permits / Authorizations / or Applications.
  • We exclude all External Parking Permits for Construction Machinery.
  • We exclude all costs relating to elevated work platforms i.e. Scaffolding, cherry pickers etc.
  • We exclude the identification and avoidance of gas pipes, electrical ducts, communications cables above or beneath surfaces of the property.
  • The clearance of debris from service pits, conduits or cable trays.
  • We exclude all trenching and digging and back filling.
  • Explosive Pasload and Fastening Devices may be used to install cabling/conduits.
  • We exclude the use of steel conduit everywhere.
  • We exclude all Waterproofing of penetrations through concrete slabs/walls and paved areas
  • Should the security system shown in this quotation, share its phone line with an ADSL broadband service, additional costs may be required for the reconfiguration of your phone line to suit the shared ADSL – Security Monitoring or Remote Support Functionality
  • If a data/IP connection is required between this quoted system and your Computer Data Infrastructure, we recommend you have you qualified IT Professional available at the time of our system installation so that we can coordinate the interface. Failure to provide this IT person may result in our inability to interface this system into your network. Any additional time or return visits, over and above that quoted, required by any of our technical staff, will incur additional charges to you
  • If required, all drilled or cut penetrations will be made as necessary in locations instructed by your building Supervisor/Manager. If instruction is unavailable, we will determine what we feel is an appropriate location. In Either instance we accept no liability for disruption to any building or client service.
  • The installation/replacement of fire stopping and or its certification is excluded.
  • Our Installers have Work Method Statements that can be provided upon request.
  • All our Installers have been trained in OH&S safe work principles. However any site Induction required at your site or any lost time due to any required site induction or safety meeting will be charged to you at our standard applicable rate.
  • All time in excess of 30 minutes per Electronic Security Technician spent in OH&S site inductions and subsequent ongoing site training will be charged at our normal service rate as may be applicable at the time.